TV-Style Broadcast
Golf TV-Style Broadcast
  • Record as many shots as you would like
  • At the end of your round you will receive a TV-Style Broadcast
  • No Editing Required
  • Autonomous Shot Tracer
  • Digitally enhanced map views
Autonomous Shot Tracer
  • You record your shots and we do the rest
  • Color Options available
  • No Editing required
  • Autonomous Shot Tracer
Golf Shot Tracer
The Feed
The Feed Golf
  • Your individual shots with all the information ready to share
  • Shots from around the world
  • Filter based on many options
Share with Music
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Choose from over 10 Genres
  • All your individual shots with include a synced portion of the song
  • Share with all the detailed info automatically generated
The Player App - Music
  • Choose your color for the day
  • Change full app colors and Broadcast/Feed colors
  • 10 Different Options
The Player App - Colors
The Player App - Scoring
  • Easy UI
  • Greens Hit & Fairways Hit
  • More Advanced Stats become available with a number of recordings
The List of  PRO Features
  • Autonomous Tracer
  • Auto-generated TV-Style Broadcast
  • The Feed
  • Share with music
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Create Highlight Reels
  • GPS+
  • Shot Tracker
The Player App - Pro Features


Start - Goto Profile (important)

In Profile it’s important to add:

  • Your Name (full name or one name) it looks bad on the broadcast when there is no name
  • Email – we provide you with tips on how to improve your videos, we have new features coming over the next few months & also videos on how to use certain features
  • Clubs – Select the clubs in your bag, if they aren’t selected you won’t have an option to choose the club for your shots

Best Practices on adding The Player App to your routine

It will take some time to add the recording to your routine.

We suggest:

  • Record One or Two shots your first round, don’t feel any pressure that you have to record every shot
  • If you feel comfortable add a few more shots during the first round but don’t try to record every shot your first go
  • Each additional round add recordings as you feel comfortable, watching 5-10 videos after your round is very satisfying
  • As you feel more comfortable adding this to your routine you’ll be ready to increase the number of videos per round
  • If you ever feel rushed just mark your ball location (Confirm and then scroll the camera up to choose the location icon)

The 3 Step Process

Make sure you have entered all your clubs in your Profile before starting your play.

  • At your ball location, select your club & confirm
  • Select Camera to record or  scroll the camera up to choose the location icon to not record this shot, Press
  • Setup your phone about 6-8 feet behind you, put the camera in landscape mode and hit the record button (tripod, cart phone holder or someone can hold it)

After your shot:

  • Hit Stop and either Use Video or Re-Take
  • Then go to where your ball is and repeat

What if my clubs do not show next to the yardage?

Make sure you have entered all your clubs in your Profile before starting play.

If the clubs are not showing after you have entered them then close the app, re-open and then select your tee position to start play, your clubs will be next to the yardage at the bottom of the screen.

Low Power Mode & Sleep

  • Do not run the app in low power mode, that does cause issues in regards to displaying the maps and yardages
  • Please make sure your phone doesn’t go sleep after a few minutes, 30 minutes min or an hour is better as you can always put it to sleep with the side button but when it continues to go to sleep, when you’re trying to use the app, it does not make the experience enjoyable

Do I need Wi-Fi or Cellular Data?

After you record a shot the video is sent to our servers for processing so yes Wi-Fi or Cellular Data is required. Don’t worry if you run into an area without service, as soon as you have service the data will be sent. Do not close the app, make sure you have service for at least 30 seconds before you close the app.

Marking your ball location without recording

  • Always mark your ball’s new location after recording a shot even if you don’t want to track the data for the next shot
  • Go to your ball’s new location, scroll the camera up to choose the location icon and press, that’s it

What happens after the shot?

Walk back to the camera and press stop recording, press Use Video and that’s it. Go to your next ball location and repeat.

Don’t worry about the length of the recording as long as there is approximately 8 seconds before you hit the ball and 8 seconds after hitting the ball then you’ll be fine, our software will cut the remainder.

What happens if I don't want to record a shot?

If you don’t want to record a shot but still want to track data then:

  • Go to your ball’s location, select your club & confirm, scroll the camera up to get the location icon and press, that’s it

What happens if I record in portrait?

At this point we do not return a completed video if the shot is recorded in portrait mode.

Pace of Play

It will take approximately 5 rounds to get used to incorporating the App as part of your routine. You’ll have everything setup and ready to go when it’s your turn to hit, overall you should not be holding up pace of play because of the app.

Sometimes you may hit first and if you feel like you’re holding up pace of play then just choose not to record that particular shot. (Confirm and then scroll the camera up to choose the location icon then Press)

How to get best results

We suggest using a Tripod and a cart or bag phone holder. After confirming your club place your phone (landscape) in the tripod or cart holder approx. 6-8 feet behind your ball, hit record.

It’s as easy as that!

Can I have someone hold my phone to record?


The tripod just makes the recording steadier and allows us to gather more efficient data, therefore your shots are less likely to have the shot tracer.

What height is best for the tripod?

You will see better looking videos with the tripod height extended. Some players leave it extended and place it in a slot in their golf bag.

But with that said, as long as the tripod is 10 inches off the ground and the player is within the frame then the videos will be fine.

Can I record shots from different angles?

Yes, feel free to experiment with different camera locations.

The only limitations will be on receiving the shot tracer for those shots.

When will I receive my broadcast & feed videos?

Within 48 hours of your first round you will receive your broadcast and your individual shots on your feed.

After receiving your first round videos you will then receive your following videos within minutes after completing each hole, you will most likely have your videos for Hole 1 when you are on the Tee for Hole 2.

If there is an issue with wi-fi or cellular then the videos will appear when the connection is better.

Will my phone storage be filled?


We use very little of your phone storage during our process and all videos are stored on our servers.

If you have additional questions

Please contact us at, thanks.

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